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By | November 24, 2021

In the age of technology, finding free photos and videos is not difficult, but why are there still so many people who accept to pay for OnlyFans APK? What’s so special about this app and why is it so widely used? Let’s find out the details. 

What is OnlyFans APK?

Onlyfans APK

Onlyfans APK

OnlyFans android is a social network from the United Kingdom and operates similarly to Instagram. This is a place where users can share content such as photos and videos to interact with others thanks to the comment, messaging, or live stream feature. The difference is, while Instagram content is completely free, OnlyFans requires users to pay a fee if they want to access creative content.

With that said, the biggest difference of app with other social media is that the platform has a paid mode, users can post different types of content to attract fans. So, this is also the place to post 18  photos and videos to attract viewers and make money from them.

The purpose of app is to provide a platform for content creators to have personal space, delivering the value they can’t find at any other platform. Content creators can set their profiles to free or paid form with exclusive content, and viewers will need to pay to have access to content following inside.

The app allows for free account creation, but when they make money from the platform, OnlyFans will pay 80% and keep 20% of the income as a management fee. Any creator’s exclusive content will be protected by OnlyFans, ensuring that it can’t be shared outside the platform.

Similar to Netflix, if a user tries to take a screenshot on the site, the content will be blacked out, even locked if it still deliberately tries to record what is going on.

Fees for using App as following:

  • Monthly account tracking fee (required): from $ 4.99 – $ 49.99 / month (about 115K – 1.1 million VND).
  • PPVs (paid per view – not required): $5-$15 per view (about 115K – 342K).
  • TIPs per post (not required): between $10 and $200 per post…
  • Turn on messaging (not required): $3-$100 per follower ( about 68K – 2.3 million).

Why did OnlyFans Android become attractive?

Download Onlyfans APK

The question is, in an era of open information, finding sensitive images/videos for free is not difficult, but why do so many people still accept to pay for After scrolling through Reddit, Quora, and other forums, The Influencer can conclude a few reasons:

  • Exclusivity: The appeal of seeing things that not everyone has is much greater than we think. Moreover, many influencers are using Instagram and TikTok to draw users to app, with the promise of more engaging, more invested, and bolder content.
  • Deeper connected with celebrities: With OnlyFans, users can pay to request content that is specific to them, live chat, video call with the content producer himself. This is also a kind of “premium” that many people want to receive.
  • More attractive content quality: According to reviews from many users, the promises of influencers about the quality of content on OnlyFans are largely true. Content creators are aware that users are paying for every photo or video they post. Therefore, they invest and be more creative in concept, costume, art in each content. This creative effort is also aimed at being different, to be at the top in a “sea” of more than 1 million content creators on the platform.
  • App is an industrial “fan” business platform. You may not know that, in developed entertainment markets (China, Korea, Europe, and America), fans are willing to spend a lot of money to support their idols; As long as idols keep a good image and to please their fans, they can spend a lot of money to support the brand that idols are representing. 
  • In Vietnam, there is also this form with BlackPink Fandom, Army, Sky, Stellar … v/v. When app can gather a large number of artists to join its platform, there will surely be a lot of fans who want to support them with page subscriptions.
  • App is a better business model than Airbnb or Uber. Instead of renting out a room or driving an Uber/Grab to cater to just one or a small group of customers, with, content creators can sell content to all global customers.

The advantages and disadvantages of OnlyFans APK free account


  • You’ll quickly get the number of subscribers: with a free account, the increase in subscribers will likely be faster because they won’t have to pay initially.
  • When using a free account, creators can still make money through Tips or PPV messages, which can be significant.
  • Free accounts have many exclusive features for content creators to enjoy. For example, creators may aspect posts, a feature not available with a paid account.


  • Earnings are not stable: It’s hard to predict approximate earnings without stable track prices and earnings that can fluctuate much from month to month.
  • The issue that often happens with a free account is that there will be too many subscribers, which makes your account look less exclusive, thereby creating lower demand.
  • Another risk of using a free account is that you could lose a significant fan base if you switch from free to paid. This means that all your efforts are thrown away.

If your goal is to reach a wider audience of fans, setting up a free account will be an effective way for you. If your main reason for joining app is to have a stable source of income then you should set a subscription price.

According to XSRUS research data, the earnings of content creator app are uneven. The top 1% of content creators will account for 33% of OnlyFans’ total revenue. The average person will have a turnover of $180 per month (excluding tips). This means that making money on Only Fans is not easy, not having to register for a post to have fans.

That’s all the information about OnlyFans APK, a content-exclusive business platform that is loved by many people. If you’re a lover of exclusive content, this is a great platform for you.

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