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What are OnlyFans app? Unlike other social media platforms, OnlyFans is a place where creators can make money with their content like uploading photos and videos. Because contents are copyright, OnlyFans has been a successful platform for the past few years. So what is OnlyFans about? To find out more, keep reading this article.

About onlyfans app

Onlyfans App

App OnlyFans is a content-sharing platform, based in London. Creators can use it to provide videos, photos, and even the opportunity to chat live for a fee. 

OnlyFans features include:

In other words, OnlyFans is a social networking platform similar to Instagram,  Facebook. The purpose of reaching OnlyFans is to post 18  photos and videos of yourself and views of those around you. OnlyFans users can also interact with people on the app using comments, messaging, and live streaming.

When using OnlyFans, users have to pay a fee because it is an app with sensitive content. However, users are still willing to pay, as of August 2020, the social network has 30 million users with 450,000 content owners. Content creators can choose to let viewers pay monthly, or charge specific content.

OnlyFans app was founded in the UK in 2016. OnlyFans quickly became a social networking platform for sensitive content because of the unlimited content posted. And the social network only allows people over 18  to access it. In particular, for objectionable content, viewers often have to pay to watch. Later, people told each other to download OnlyFans as a form of entertainment.

OnlyFans gained popularity in early 2020 after an account called The Naked Philanthropist posted a sale of nude photos of itself to raise more than $1 million for Australia’s bushfires. Later, a number of celebrities also used the app, including names like Cardi B and Bella Thorne. Bella Thorne alone, in just 24 hours, made about $1 million.

With features such as easy to make money, easy to use, and bring satisfaction in desire, therefore, to look at sensitive images including celebrities, people download onlyFans app to use more and more. In fact, the app is even a major source of income for many people during covid-19.

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Make money with Onlyfans App

App have a lot of rich features for creators, especially money-making. So how do you make money with app?

You take the steps below:

  • Post to your News Feed, which means you post a status update message
  • Media attachments: you post one photo or multiple photos and videos to your News Feed.
  • Record your voice: you record your voice and upload it as an audio version.
  • Create a poll: you can choose the duration of your poll by adding your question and adding your answer and posting it to the newsfeed. Your fans can then vote by clicking on one of the available answers.
  • The expiration time limit for your post: you can choose how long you want your post to appear in a news feed before it’s automatically deleted.
  • Schedule a post: you now select the date and time to automatically publish the post you created.
  • Add a price to your post: to lock the price of a post, your OnlyFans subscription price must be set to “Free.”. Then you can then lock down the price of your post by adding the price.
  • Note that you are only allowed to lock prices for posts such as photos, audio, and videos. When you post to a newsfeed, fans can “open” your post by paying the price you’ve placed.
  • The way to lock the price of a post on is to click the create the post button, then add your media, then you click the dollar tag icon and then you set the price. The final step is to post that post to your timeline.
  • In particular, there are some OnlyFans.Com users who can’t find the “Post Price” button when creating a post. Note that only the “Free” OnlyFans account has the function of locking the post. Therefore, if you can’t post the price, check your account again.
  • Get Tips: This is a feature that allows fans to send you tips directly through your post in addition to selling your content directly
  • Another way to make money is the Pay Per View (PPV) feature, which speaks to fans and other creators.
Make money with Onlyfans App

Make money with Onlyfans App

Earn hundreds of millions from posting photos and videos

In fact, helps users optimize monetizing with features such as TIPs (for each separate post, followers can pay you extra if they feel like it); PPVs (pay-per-view) for premium posts and content; Pay to be sent a message (i.e. fans who want to send you a message must pay you a fee at the rate you list).

The specific fees creators can earn as following:

  • Monthly account follow fee (required): from $ 4.99 – $ 49.99 / month (about 115K – 1.1 million VND).
  • PPVs (paid per view – not required): $5-$15 per view (about 115K – 342K).
  • TIPs per post (not required): between $10 and $200 per post (about 200K – 4.5 million)
  • Turn on messaging (not required): $3-$100 per follower ( about 68K – 2.3 million).

The special thing is that you can completely customize the desired fee depending on the quality of the content that you post as well as your strategy to optimize your income. But because of the ease of policy, many hot girls have taken advantage to post hot videos, even talking intimately with their fans.

Up to now, the social media platform has more than 130 million users who accept monthly fees for creators and mainly to watch images and videos livestream. Within five years, it’s estimated that the group of users using the policy could have earned more than $4.5 billion.

Thus, the article has just shared with you information about OnlyFans app, the most famous 18  apps in the world today. It is a paid entertainment platform for access to sensitive content, especially high entertainment content. In particular, beautiful girls can maximize income with this app.